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Monday, March 31, 2008

Starts and stops

Just wanted to highlight two of my fellow APIAblog network bloggers. H Super Political started a whole new blog to document all the ways in which John McCain is not our friend, in case you thought he was a cuddly teddy bear.

And Reappropriate is taking some time off to focus on work and to take a breather from negativity. I guess I am blessed or cursed with only a few comments on my blog, so I don't get the chance to hear back from my readers but I guess I also am shielded from the occasional pettiness that blog back and forths can take.

Blogging is a long path full of many start and stops. It's a marathon, and many blogs go dark after 2-3 years for a host of reasons. I can still remember some of my favorite blogs that have gone by the wayside - Steve Gilliard is tops. It gets to be kind of draining sometimes - a burden rather than a release. Sometimes I have also stopped production of posts because of work or illness or whatever. I guess the thing I would say is to remember that the person you are talking to on the blank white screen is human, and not some robotic monkey who doesn't feel the flames.

But then again, asking for civility on the internet is like asking the LOLcats to learn how to spell. and I do hope that Jenn feels refreshed after her blog vacation.


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