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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Reasons why Hillary will stick it out until April

From Mark Halperin:

1. She thinks she would be a better president than Obama.

2. She thinks she would be a stronger candidate against McCain than Obama.

3. She feels an obligation to her supporters to keep fighting.

4. She thinks she can win Pennsylvania.

5. She thinks she is finally gaining traction on the “national security experience” argument.

6. She thinks the one-on-one debate has only just begun, along with the heightened scrutiny of Obama.

7. She is finally raising enough money to fight the fight with paid TV ads.

8. She knows the Rezko trial is getting started.

9. She knows Obama is still well short of winning a majority of the delegates.

10. Clintons don’t quit–and she really, really, really wants to win.

Not saying that this is what I want or necessarily think will happen, just that an awful lot of people seem to be writing her out of the picture before she's formally exited, stage right. Never forget that she has the capability to bring the house down with her by going nuclear, and that the Clintons are sadly, very sore losers. The main reason so many of the superdelegates have yet to commit is not that they dislike Obama, but rather that they fear the wrath of the Clinton machine.

Also, reasons why Mark Penn needs to own his failure, courtesy of Marc Ambinder. Along with this stinging volley, which I consider quote of the week:

First, giving a quote like this to a reporter while your candidate remains viable is like the NTSB issuing a report on an airplane before it's crashed.



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