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Friday, February 29, 2008

New will.i.am Obama video

Hmm, if I wasn't super in love with the first one, well, this one I am definitely not sold on.

It seems overly much hype and almost zero substance, like one of those sugary cereals that supposedly has some fiber in there somewhere, smothered under all the bright flourescent coloring, funny marshmellow shapes and gobs of icing.

I mean, I rewatched the yes we can video and got some hope out of it. This . . . this is just weak.

Also, I have no clue who most of the "celebrities" in the video are and Jessica Alba is the only person to make any real statement about WHY we should elect Obama. And, yes, hell just developed a few icicles as I wrote that last sentence.

The day that Jessica Alba is the smartest person in the room (in a video room) is well, unbelievable up until now. And the chanting of O- ba- ma O-ba-ma does not help with the people who think Obama supporters are cultists.

hollywood and the creatives are capable of promoting great beauty and art, and provoking us to think hard. To touch our heartstrings. The last video maybe had some of that. But this ain't it. "yes we can" is more like "where is the love" and this is kinda like "My Humps" in terms of substance, only less flashy and entertaining.

Actually, between this and the Jin video, I prefer the Jin video, because the vapid in this video is less endearing than the everyday families and people in the Jin video. Basically, this video reaffirms bad Hollywood stereotypes.

I have to say that if I was not an Obama supporter, this video would weird me out a lot more than it already does. Which is to say, this one is anti-effective. Good thing it's not being put out by the campaign.

So far, here is who I recognize.

Ryan Phillipe
Macy Gray
Jessica Alba
the other guy from Black Eyed Peas who isn't Apl.de.ap or Fergie
George Lopez
John Leguiziamo
some white guy who looks like Justin Timberlake/ Matt Damon
Daniel from Ugly Betty, but super scruffy (ick, get rid of it!)

Here's the spirited dailykos debate about it. I'm glad we can talk about things other than waterboarding once in a while. Otherwise I would be more bummed out than normal.

Right now, I'm with laughingman:

Ugh. I thought it was awful (8+ / 0-)

Will.i.am needs to make one with regular people. Who cares what Macy Gray and the cast of Friday Night Lights thinks?

Oh, I just realized that was the geek football player from Friday Night Lights, Landry. (which, if anyone at NBC is reading this, you would be stupid NOT to keep the show on the air. That show has more heart and soul than 200 other shows.) I never thought I would say this about a football show.

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