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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Another vacation, another time. I took a week off to just let my mind wander, to read the trashiest pulp fiction, and to eat all sorts of junk food. In short, I went on a brainfast so that I did not have to think about anything vaguely intellectual, did not have to discuss or consider politics or politicking, power or persuasion. I took a week out to cleanse and detox from the stress and rigors of life and my job by watching Project Runway, Star Trek and Good Eats. It was lovely to be indoors the whole time, just escaping the hot hot heat while eating creampuffs.

While I was brainfasting, I can assure you that I gorged myself on food - everything from Cheetos to chocolate to camembert. Yeah, cry for the poor, over-edjumacated fool. I'll be back flagging roll calls and discussing Issues of Importence relatively soon. Til then, I'm enjoying my menage a trois with the sofa and the tv.


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