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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Allen is a bully, condones bullying

My last post was on George Felix "Macaca" Allen being a fraud and a bully. And today, we get footage of his campaign staff roughing up a voter who had the guts to ask him some questions about Allen's sealed arrest files, as well as the police report that describes an incident where Allen apparently spat on his ex-wife.

Yeah folks, it doesn't get much more Jerry Springer than this. Watch the video footage that a local TV station in Charlottesville caught on tape. What's crazy is that Mike Stark, a former Marine and University of Virginia law student, is simply ASKING A QUESTION. He's not threatening Allen, and three of Allen's goons jump him and throw him to the ground. Meantime, you see footage of Allen leaving the scene, with a smug grin on his face. That's patently DISGUSTING. Felix Allen could have stopped his aides from going too far by saying something, but inistead he walks into the ballroom of the hotel to shake his fatcat contributors' hands. Like candidate, like staff - and if your candidate is a poseur bully, then his staff are his henchmen.

Plus a new poll by Opinion Strategies came out today showing Webb in the lead for the first time in this highly competitive race: Webb 50, Allen 46. It's one week until election day, and you can try to muzzle Allen, but he still fucks up the news cycle. This story is going to feed into the meme that Allen is a privileged fraud and a racist bully, and the story will continue for another week most likely. I think Allen has an excellent chance of pulling it out. I also wanted to call attention to a WashPost article that describes the multilingual voter outreach that the Webb campaign is doing, including phonebanking in Korean and Vietnamese: "Webb's volunteers have started making telephone calls -- some in Spanish, Korean, Arabic and Vietnamese -- and knocking on the doors of their most likely voters."

Good call on Korean American outreach for Webb, since Korean Americans tend to vote Democratic. However, apart from Webb's wife being Vietnamese American, I'm not sure why their doing turnout in that communityy since they tend to vote 80% Republican - perhaps they feel they can make significant inroads.

Anyways, this race should be a squeaker, and I'll be watching the returns avidly on Election Day.


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