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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Midterm Madness

Here is a totally addictive game from the Washington Post: Midterm Madness. You can submit your prediction of what the upcoming House and Senate look like, and you can change all the seats blue if you want (in my ideal world.) It's very very addictive for the hardcore political junkie like me, and highly educational for those who are merely interested.

There's also Fantasy Congress which was created by some University of Southern California kids, at least one of whom I believe is Asian American. Way to go, boys, you got some national press coverage! I haven't played it yet, in between the 2 hours it took me to put together my perfect 110th Congress and the lack of a social life, but you should go check it out - the idea is that it's like a fantasy baseball team and you draft crongresscritters who will have a lot of power to move legislation, then you track them.

I'm all about these political games, because it gets people interested in politics, and I love games. Oh, and politics can be very much a game (think RISK as realpolitik.) So it's all entirely fitting.

I know that starting at 8pm Tuesday night, I'm going to be glued to CNN and my computer screen, clicking refresh on different states' election return sites.

Let the 72 hour countdown begin...


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