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Friday, March 07, 2008

Housekeeping - updated blogroll

I have been reading and linking to an awful lot of Marc Ambinder, so I replaced Wonkette with his blog. Plus he links to angry asian man, a rarity for mainstream political bloggers. Mainstream political bloggers tend to be focused on . . . well, anything but APA culture and politics.

I'm increasingly liking Ambinder not just for his willingness to call it what it is (see previous post on "white guilt") but also his insights. Including his post on the Yeldarb effect (the opposite of the Bradley effect.) He's literary and well, his style suits The Atlantic's. Smart, incisive and sociological commentary.

I had to replace wonkette because it's watered down. It's not as sharp or funny or breaking. queen wonkette has a mainstream media stage now (and I might add ana marie cox's tumblr.) They lack a female voice, which really is just too DC now that I think about it. Maybe I'm growing out of that kind of humor, or they're just doing it less well or both. But I find myself less drawn there than ever before. I'd say I read more jezebel at this point, and I get my political news and analysis from much more sophisticated sources.

Also added Stuff White People Like to the blogroll. We'll see if it stays up more than a few months, but it's been spot on and had me chuckling. And really, in my line of work, I need more chuckles.



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