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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Burning down the house, blow-torch style

I haven't posted in awhile - work and personal and a confluence of things have been getting to me. But I will continue posting on things that outrage me, like the fact that a Democratic 527 (with Hillary affiliations) is making confusing phone calls to African American voters in North Carolina. They were charged with doing the same thing in Virginia.

Women's Voices, Women Vote is a DC based group that aims to boost voting amongst unmarried female voters. This is a fantastic cause, and one that I wholeheartedly support. However, the question is, what then are they doing using an African American man's voice to make robocalls to African Americans in North Carolina.

Dailykos is on top of it.
Women's Voices Executive Director Joe Goode worked for Bill Clinton's election campaign in 1992 as a pollster; the group's website says he was intimately involved in "development and implementation of all polling and focus groups done for the presidential primary and general election campaigns" for Clinton.
I am so angry that I want to cry and tear my hair out. Why would you deliberately do something that would damage our chances in the general election?!?!

If Hillary thinks that even if she survives the primary, that she can win without African American voters, then she is wrong. Because it's not only African American voters who are pissed about this behavior. Only someone like Hillary can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory - the economy is for shit, gas is hitting $4/barrel, and reports say it may go as high as $6/barrel in the summer.

The politics of destruction have gone too far. I am a staunch Democrat, but that is because Democratic platform currently includes equal opportunity and fairness. I will still vote for Hillary if she is the nominee, but it is only because McCain is a far worse choice. If anything, I believe that Hillary will drive a lot of people back out of the party and to independent or third party groups. Currently her influence on the race and Democratic registration and enrollment is about 50 worse than Nader. And super delegates should be aware of this - if she is willing to not just ignore, but actively disenfranchise African American voters, she will be willing to knock down and run over any one of you to gain power.

I have been moderate about Hillary. Now I am done with her. After this election, I am sure that her advisors will remain in the party. That the Clinton money will still stay in the party. But she is not my candidate of choice or happenstance. And if there is a primary challenger in her upcoming Senate race, I will find a way to support him or her.

These are new low tactics, and they are beyond the pale. There's a reason why her trustworthy polling is in the 30s when Obama and McCain are in the 60s, and she's definitely damaging his ratings. It's over. Pull out. Drop out. Obama's won.

When even Rahm Emmanuel is saying that the way the loser loses decides how we win in November, then you know you're toast. Emmanuel is as big a Clintonista as there is, and the only reason he has remained neutral publicly is because while he may have supported Clinton and run his political operations, he is a Congressman in Chicago (where the Daley machine is strong) and his home state senators are the dream team duo of Dick Durbin and Obama.

Ugh. Good riddance.

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