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Monday, November 24, 2008

The best revenge is looking good

Silda Wall Spitzer comes out swinging in a hot red dress and looking amazingly refreshed for someone who is 50 years old. She took a new position as a marketing director for a Manhattan hedge fund and made her first most public debut since her husband's publicly aired dirty laundry of sleeping with a prostitute. Ashley Dupre's been in the press a lot recently, so Silda probably thought the best revenge is looking good.

Apparently marketing execs and directors of hedge funds are hired for their looks. Now I don't know what peels or injections they've given her but she looks friggin smoking!

Also I'm not sure that the below description fits my friends who do PR for hedge funds - they are perfectly intelligent women of their own right.

“You meet these bimbos and they say, ‘Oh, I work at a hedge fund,’ and you think, What?!?” says one head of an investment bank who pals around with high net worth investors. “And then you realize, Oh, this is, like, the PR girl. And it’s a wildly successful strategy. The influential rich people who put money into these things like to be titillated by pretty girls.”

This reminds me of the pharm reps that get hired from college cheerleading associations to be bait for doctors, who tend to be mostly male. These (mostly women) use charm and other devices like freebies or chum branded with the prescription drugs' names to entice doctors to write more prescriptions for their Rx of choice.

But let's get back to the main point - damn, revenge never looked so H-O-T!


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