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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Something stinks in Obamaland

The crushing of the 50 state strategy as designed and delivered by Howard Dean is here. The 200 state organizers who were assigned to state parties have been fired, and they probably won't be coming back.

Instead, Obama will centralize operations and while the 2009-2012 operations will be broader than the 13-17 states that were focused on for 2004, they won't be all 50. It will keep the traditional hot battlegrounds of Ohio, Florida, Missouri, and second tier purple states like Nevada and Colorado that joined the blue column this year will get their places cemented on that list. I would also bet that it will be around 20 states including nontraditional places like North Carolina and Indiana which also swung blue this year. I would hope that Georgia makes the cut - it's truly impressive that Obama came within 5 points of John McCain here, and the close Senate outcome (not during the special election) suggests that had Obama kept his team here, we would have a Senator Jim Martin to bring us to 59.

Something stinks in Obamaland, and I smell Rahm's stench all over it. Well, him and the other Clintonites who have grabbed positions of power.


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