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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Obama picks an Asian American for DoE

Word is Obama is picking Nobel Laureate Dr. Steven Chu who runs the Lawrence Livermore labs at UC-Berkeley for Secretary of Energy. This is a huge cabinet level pick and actually fits in really well with Obama's ability to position and frame narratives - first Japanese American general to run the VA (Eric Shinseki) announced on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Also Shinseki had been a critic of the Iraq War strategy and yet stayed mum after the fact.

Now he names Dr. Chu to run Energy. Lest anyone forget, it was the DoE who persecuted Taiwanese American physicist Dr. Wen Ho Lee who used to work at Los Alamos. It was this racist scapegoating that led many Asian American scientists to leave or turn down jobs at national labs, and it was New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson who was heavily suspected of being the


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