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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sunny punk rock: the Happy Hollows

I've been rocking out to the sounds of the Happy Hollows recently. They have a free/pay what you want new EP, The Imaginary, and it's like Sonic Youth meets quirk rock. (Yeah I made that one up.) The trippy, hoppy, sunny, happy beats belie lyrics about things like Vietnam. But most importantly they just like to have fun - and on My Wet Tongue, the lead singer sounds like she is a panting meowing kitten cooing and purring her life away.

The band is fronted by an energetic woman who I swear sounds just like Kim Deal growling on this track, plus they have a drummer who looks to be pinoy!

Here's a good review of their newest album, and they have been getting some really great press including Wired and major rags like the Los Angeles Times.

Pimp it, it's good.


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