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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Senator Kennedy, not so fast

Caroline Kennedy, that is. I am sure if she became Senator she would be fine and that one day she might even become the well respected Senate lion that her uncle Teddy is. But really, I think that one of the things that Barack Obama's election has shown is the uselessness of political dynasties. (Although the Salazars and Udalls got their own thing goin' in the West.)

Obama made it because of his hard work and intelligence. And he broke through the Chicago machine to do so. I am sure that there are plenty of people in NYC who would be just as, if not more qualified to be Senator from New York, especially during a financial crisis when we need someone who has lots of experience legislating, who would have a much harder time getting A1 ink. It's nothing personal, just that she would probably have a bunch of staff running the show for the most part.

On another note, Blagojevich?!? Can the media get over Obama's ties or lack thereof to one of the stupidest governors in Illinois' history? The guy is from a state with a political machine second to none (maybe New York's) and what do you expect? Someone I was talking to said, "Shyeeet. This sorta stuff goes on all the time, but did he have to be so friggin' idiotic about it?!?"

And that's the weekly rap.


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