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Monday, November 06, 2006

lies and the lying bastards who tell them

An undercover ABC investigation that had college students wearing cameras into military recruiting centers found that - SURPRISE! - over half the recruiters caught on tape lied about students' chances of going to Iraq, the ease of exiting the army, and the likelihood of death.

This is some plain old crazy stuff that should not be going on. I have a friend in Iraq, but he went knowing the circumstances and the risks. He went out of loyalty to the brothers that he met. As the mother of a deceased soldier who was tricked into enlisting says, "Tell them the truth." That's all - the men and women (and also boys and girls - some of them are so young) who serve deserve to be told the truth about what they are getting into.

If there is one reason to go and vote tomorrow, it's because other young people are dying because of some lying bastards in Washington who fabricated WMDs, sold a fake bill of goods to the American and Iraqi people, and now it's time to hold them accountable.


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