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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sick today!

Ugh, I woke up to a raging headache, churning stomach and feverish aching body. So I went back to sleep, and I woke up not too long ago and am going to post predictions from my warm bed. I was going to stay up the whole night watching election returns (esp. McCaskill v. Talent(less)) but I am not sure I will be able to. I'll try to update over the course of the night.

That said, my Democratic predictions for the Senate:
MO: McCaskill wins in a squeaker
TN: Ford loses
OH: Brown wins
PA: Casey wins with over 14 percentage points. Longer term effect is that Rick Santorum fades from the public's memory, and people only remember his last name as a vile concoction.
MD: Cardin wins
NJ: Menendez wins
CT: Lamont loses
MT: Tester wins over Sen. Burns-like-crazy, whose novel quote of the day was: "Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) told ABC's Donvan that Democrats didn't get what they wanted. Asked what that was, Burns said: "I'm not in prison." Yeah, because that's real confidence from a con man. It doesn't mean that after you lose your seat that you're not going to sit on a hard bench behind steel bars.
VA: Webb wins (Eat yer Confederate flag lovin' heart out, Allen!)

That makes for 7 seats won, which gives the Dems control of the Senate, 52-48. Well, this does include Bernie Sanders, who is Independent but cooler than the average Dem, and Lieberman, who is the opposite. But I think that this margin will allow for a Lieberman-proof majority rule. Now let's hope the Dems don't tear each other apart before we can start getting to the business of undoing all the destruction that Republicans have rained down on us the past 6 years.

House: Dems win 25-30 seats to retake the House, Hastert loses the Speakership and minority Leader and Minority Whip. Pelosi becomes Madame Speaker, Rahm Emmanuel becomes Majority Leader (I'm goiing out on a limb with this one because Hoyer would be the natural replacement.)

Oh yeah, and hopefully Rahm starts giving Howard Dean some props for hiring Democratic organizers for the state parties in places that we NEVER thought we'd be contesting, like Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming. The 50 state party is a long term vision, and I am really glad that Dean's efforts are bearing fruit so quickly. Thank you, Governor, for being our standard bearer.


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