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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where I'm going and where I'm at

I have been neglecting the blog for a bit lately. Things have been sorta rough, and I am trying to sort things out. As if you could handle life items the way you handle clothing that you take out of the dryer.

I started the blog when I was in confusion and disarray. It seemed to help me sort and process. So maybe it's back to blog therapy - who knows?

All I know is I have loads of angst to burn, and that leaves not much time in which to write, sort, or live.

In my previous years I have always retreated into my personal writing space as a way of coping and of making sense of the world. Perhaps its time to hit the political pause button and just wind up personal for a bit. I'm not even sure how many of these rants and processes are going to be made public but I need a separate space, a separate self to rant. And then I can come back later and pick through the pieces and put together the puzzle, just as I did with my "stop breathing" posts.

Sorry for those readers who are interested in my political analysis. I'll still throw in the odd tidbit here and there, but in the middle of a country that's falling apart, so am I.

(Yeah, I did just write something that narcissistic.)

Can't you tell that's why I desperately need to blog it?

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