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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Democrats take House

CNN just called it. Senate not looking so hot in MO. WE're down to the wire in Virginia, and the race is getting close again (may go to recount.) I'm about to have a heart attack. (An expression - I am feeling better watching House and Governor returns rolling in.)

WE swept all 3 hot House races in Indiana, is there something in the air there, or is populism cominig home to roost? FNC calls IN 09 for ex-Rep. Baron Hill (D) over Rep. Mike Sodrel (R)

Underage page seducer Mark Foley's old seat goes to the Democrat: Mahoney, the newest Congressman from Florida, in a way-too-close contest: Mahoney 49-Foley 48. Creepy.

Republican Don Sherwood, who allegedly chocked his mistress, lost his Pennsylvania seat to Dem. challenger Carney

Arizona: Giffords defeats xenophobic hate-spewing Minuteman Randy Graf, who the National Republican Congressional Committee abandoned a long time ago. Unfortunately, Prop 103 has passed and now English is the official language of Arizona.

CNN's calling the other Nee Hampshire seat for Democrat Shea-Porter over incumbent Bradley: this could be a sweep of Pennsylvania contested seats and the New Hampshire congressional delegation!

CNN projects Dem Kristen Gillibrand to take out Sweeney in New York, now waiting on Davis v. Reynolds.

Lane Evans' old seat remains in Democratic hands in Illinois's 17th. Waiting on duckworth in IL-06....

ABC also calls FL 22 for Klein (D) over incumbent Shaw. Stephanopoulos: "This is a big big pick up for them."

Scummy Hastert wins in Illinois, but will soon be relegated to minority status.

Heath Shuler, former football player wins in North Carolina over incumbent Taylor (R)

Admiral Joe Sestak wins in Pennsylvania over totally corrupt Curt Weldon

Hotline has more:
Mike Acuri wins in NY, Sekula-Gibbs (R) wins Delay's old seat :( UPDATE: Fox is calling it for Dem. Lampson the Texas Ex-Congressman
Zack Space (D) wins over crazy incumbent Joy Padgett (R) in Ohio.
At 10:04 pm, FNC calls that Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-CT 05) has lost re-election to Chris Murphy (D). FNC's Garrett, on Johnson: "She ran locally, she did all the things in the Republican playbook ... it didn't work." Garrett, on GOPers: "Their only hope now is that the [House] losses are in the low 20s" (FNC).
At 10:11 pm, FNC calls that Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA 07) has lost re-election. U.S. News’ Barone: “Which district are we talking about?” (FNC).

CNN calls New Hampshire for Democratic challenger Paul Hodes over Charlie Bass.
We kept 2 Dem House seats in Ohio: Strickland's and Sherrod Browns'.

MO-SEN: The McCaskill-Talent numbers tightening

Governor's races (28-Dem, 22 Rep)
FL- they're calling it for Charlie Crist, republican.
Vermont - CNN calling for Republican incumbent :(
PICKUP in Arkansas (CNN) - Beebe wins over hutchinson (this is an open seat left by MEGA popular Huckabee, who is my pick for dark horse to win GOP presidential primary '08) This has to hurt Huckabee a little in that horserace.
PICKUP -Dem Bill Ritter defeats Congressman Beauprez in Colorado to win the Gov's mansion!
Iowa stays in the blue with Chet Culver (we need both Colorado and Iowa for 2008.) This might help departing Gov. Tom Vilisack's chances for 08 Dem primaries, and make up for the fact that he couldn't win his state in 2004 for Kerry.

Minimum wage: props pass in Ohio, Missouri.

State races:
Dems pick up State Senate, Executive Council, possibly both CDs in NH. (big for 08)


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