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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

All you need to know

Baltimore Mayor O'Malley defeats sitting Republican Gov. Erlich of Maryland. Buh bye, that makes for 4 Gubernatorial pickups -- Patrick (MA), Spitzer (NY), Strickland (OH) being the others -- so the Gub balance of power is now 26 Dem-24 Repub.

Senate progress: We've picked up 3 of the 6 seats we need to get to a 51-49 Democratic majority to make Harry Reid Senate Majority Leader. Those would be Rhode Island (Whitehouse), Ohio (Brown), and Pennsylvania (Bob Casey).

House front: We've picked up 3 of 15. Keep on rolling, rolling, rolling down the river!
About where to get elections numbers:

CNN - for the latest Webb v. "Macaca" Allen dirt - a race that I am following intensely. also hit up the Virginia State Board of elections. Allen 49.68 to Webb 49.12: arrgh! This race keeps changing back and forth! So exciting to watch all the incumbent Republican reds get knocked out by blue upstart Dems in CNN's projections. They are flying fast and furious now! Webb-Macaca update: 87.27% of votes in, they are separated by .16% with Allen leading, so at least Webb is picking up! Shit - now it's Allen 50.05-Webb 48.75. Arrghh! The good part is that Fairfax County which is in Democratic vote rich Northern VA hasn't finished reporting.

Democratic gains/holds (as called by the networks):
Ohhh, I think I feel a tsunami - CNN just called Rhode Island Senate for Sheldon Whitehouse, over incumbent Lincoln Chafee (R-Moderate). Chafee was one of the few Northeastern Republicans left. And Lieberman is set to win in Connecticut - he claims he will caucus with Dems. Let's see about that.
First Muslim American elected to Congress -Keith Ellison of Minnesota - and of course he's a Dem. I blogged about him earlier this year.
In Kentucky 03, which everyone said was a bellweather race, Yarmuth, an alt-weekly publicher, defeats Anne Northrup, a rubberstamp Republican.
Congressman Ben Cardin of Maryland is traing on up to the Senate - he defeated Michael Steele (R) (according to CNN).
CNN's also calling a second pickup in Indiana: Donnelly over Count Chocola (who thought we'd make so many gains in Indiana, a red state?)
Menendez holds his Senate seat in New Jersey
Brown wipes out Dewine (R-OH-Jack Abramoff's pockets)
Klobuchar wins the open Senate seat in Minnesota, which was vacated by Mark Dayton (D)
2 Gubernatorial pickups that will surprise no one: Spitzer in NY, Deval Patrck in Massachusetts - huuuuge spreads
Ted Strickland wins the Ohio governorship, winning over the corrupt Ken Blackwell (R) who was Sec of State, presiding over the 04 elections debacle! (This is huge for 2008, and Dems are going to sweep the statewide positions, including Secretary of State, ensuring that every vote WILL COUNT in 2008.
Sheriff Brad Ellsworth defeats incumbent John Hostettler in Indiana's 8th - the Fightin' Eighth! (this is one of 15 we need to take back the House)


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