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Friday, May 30, 2008

Process and retreat

I originally started this blog as a way of processing what was happening to me in a previous (it feels like many moons ago) job. Since then, I've managed to forgive most of the people there, and really, it's not like they did me any huge wrongs. The organization was poorly run - so poorly run that after I left, it was discovered that 1 person had been stealing.

There are lots of things going on in my life now, and I need to keep blogging if only so that I have a place to sort these things out - if not on paper, then in bytes.

Writing has always always helped me to process change. This is no different than any of those times. The beauty and the joy of living is embedded in these moments of reflection. Of genuflection.

My life has been the tiniest bit in turmoil recently, and this is a change year in many ways, not just the election.

What I want now is a good solid ship to sail on.

Addendum: I got sucked into the whole tracking of my stats and it was exhilarating to watch it spike and climb exponentially. I started blogging just for the ego-feeding of it and felt a demand and need to publish and produce not unlike the unholy horror of academia. Now I think I am simply back to writing for the hell of it, for the need of it. Be forewarned, this is going to involve a fair bit of personal analysis of . . . well, me. Politics may come second for a little bit. But as they say, the personal is political.



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