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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Magic 8 balls and lotto

I looked into my magic 8 ball last night, and all my election predictions came true! I was totally spot on for the Senate (9 for 9), and the House pickups numbered 28 (possibly more since there are still some races that are contested.) I had predicted in between 25-30 wins for Dems in the House. The one thing I was surprised by was that McCaskill was able to claim victory sooner than Webb, but that was a very pleasant surprise since the early returns were depressing me and my friend in Missouri.

I hope the second part of my prediction doesn't come true as well, that Dems tear each other apart, but history says that we are voracious cannibals. Anyway, this was meant as a celebratory post. I think I should go buy some lotto tickets, or maybe I should call myself the new Larry Sabato, Virginia don of politics.

Also, Asian Americans really did an extraordinary job this cycle - I am particularly psyched about Hubert Vo increasing his lead from last time, to 54% over Heflin (guess voters like the honest guy), and Blong Xiong winning a Fresno City Council seat (hat tip you are here.)

And minimum wage referendums passed overwhelmingly in 6 states including Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Missouri, Nevada and Ohio. Don't underestimate these in Democratic turnout - people have been starving under Bush and eager for a pay raise.

(PS - Sorry for the inconsistent posts, I know sometimes I flood my blog with love and other times I ignore you. That's campaign life.)


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