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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Webb up by 3000

According to CNN TV although it's not on the SEc. of State's site which has a razor slim margin of Allen by less than 2000 votes and the Green candidate with 25,000. My body is giving up on me, despitea keen interest in finding out what happens in Virginia. So I will have to bid you adieu whilest I can still type ... a pickup in Kansas for House, as well as legislative wins via hotline:

Dem state legislative successes continue, as the party has picked up the IA State House. Before tonight, GOPers held a 51-49 advantage. The state Sen remains too close to call. Dems have picked up the NH Sen, the IN House and the MN House. A bright spot for GOPers: The party took enough seats to force the OK Sen to a tie. In ’04, GOPers won the OK House for the first time in 86 years.

I hope to wake up to a win in Virginia-Sen. Sweet dreams of victory.

Update: Okay, somehow I found a way to keep myself awake for a little while longer, long enough to see CNN call Virginia for Webb!!! Despite his name being chopped off on the ballots, despite heavy GOP efforts to intimidate voters, Webb is in and ready for the good fight. I like a military man.

In breaking news, these two are leading:
Tester over Burns (Retard Senator-MT)
Walz(ed) over Gutknecht (R-MN)
In a particularly sweet win, McInerny over super-corrupt Pombo in California's 11th
Perlmutter over O Donnell (Colorado me blue!)
CT-2 for Courtney (D) over incumbent Rob Simmons (if this pans out, it will be interesting to see why CT voters chose to hedge their bets in between relecting Lieberman to Senate and kicking out the incumbents in the House. I guess it's Conn. - they can only be so adventurous!)
Murphy (D) over Fitzpatrick (R-Pennsylvania)
AZ Dem Atty Gen Patricia Madrid over incumbent Rethug Heather Wilson

Other CNN House calls for Tenacious D's:
Huge upset: Dem. Dr. Kagen over Repub Gard in one of the reddest areas of Wisconsin (vacated by former Rep. Green - R to challenge Wis. Dem Gov. Doyle.)
Altmire over Rep. Melissa Hart (Repub Congresswoman no more for Pennsylvania)
Mitchell over Cong. JD Hayworth (Arizona Repub)

Oh damn, I need my sleep but, I will do an APIA update. Because this staying up was worth it.


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