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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dean to stay at head of DNC

Obama is keeping Dean as Chair of the DNC, which is a smart move and a way not to ruffle additional feathers at this time. Sure, Dean isn't well-beloved by the Clintonistas or Rahm Emmanuel, but he has the loyalty of state party chairs and activists who finally for once got some staff on hand.

This arrangement works because Obama is really all about a 30+ state strategy or a strategy where you fight for most of the states and you campaign hard in untraditional areas, and Dean was all about going onto Wisconsin and YEARRRRGH!

I love Dean and Obama together - a priceless combination.

I'm pretty sure Paul Tewes will take over once Obama is elected though.

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  • At 4:48 PM, Blogger The Minority Militant said…

    I think Dean's done a pretty good job staying out of the crossfire. Much due credit to him. Although, I still think he's an idiot.

  • At 4:18 AM, Blogger powerpolitics said…

    MM, I have heard from a lot of people who thought he was more than an idiot after 2003-2004. They thought he was nucking futz! And then they saw the value he brought to the states in hiring and training organizers and building state (and by extension, local) party infrastructures.

    We could not have made the gains in 2006 that we did without having field staff in states like Virginia (Jim Webb), Montana (Jon Tester), Ohio (Ted Strickland) and many more. Whatever Rahm Emmanuel believes, Dean has built a lasting party infrastructure that is not just a cult of personality. He has revitalized the base and by putting staff in impossible red states like Mississippi and Louisiana, we now have taken over formerly blood red seats via a combination of special elections and the like.

    My god, think Kathleen Sebelius and Claire McCaskill. We have a whole roster of amazing and talented new elected officials, and I am really grateful.

    Obama's continuation of staffing up in every state (aka 50 state strategy) is just a testament to Dean's intelligent strategy.

    He might not be the most inspiring leader or the best power broker, but he has given us a House and Senate majority and more. Look for many of the candidates he helped to lead and run for federal offices in short time.


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